Construction Cleanup

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Project Duration
6 Months

Constructions can be messy. And, cleaning that mess is a tough chore. At F&R Floor Maintenance, we specialize in Post Construction Cleaning. We use the best systematic cleaning techniques to make sure your new office or home looks flawless.

Whether you are the owner or the seller, we will leave your building clean and sparkly after construction. It will be ready for inspection, sales or move-in. Learn more about our comprehensive Construction Cleaning in Treasure Coast, Florida.

With days of work in extreme weather, it is natural for debris to build up. Our team of expert Post-Construction Cleaners is trained to look at the sneaky places.

  • We will inspect the place and find areas with debris.
  • We will effectively remove all waste and debris.
  • For debris removal, we serve both commercial and residential buildings after construction.
  • We will bring the cleaning solution on-site.

Clean walls are a must for new construction. But construction work can leave smudges and stains on the walls. F&R Floor Maintenance has experience of working with all types of paints.

  1. Flat or Matte Paint Walls—Matte finish, difficult to clean
  2. Glossy or Satin Paint Walls—Finish with a sheen, easy to clean
  • We will take all the smudges and stains away.
  • From hand-prints to grease marks, our team will wash everything.
  • We will leave your walls looking like new.

High dusting is not easy, but very important for a new construction. high-dusting stands for cleaning areas that are over 16 feet high. F&R Floor Maintenance provides reliable high-dust cleaning in Treasure Coast, FL.

  • We will reach the hard to reach spots and clean them.
  • Our team has skills and tools to clean everything from the ceiling, pipes and air vents.
  • We will remove the dust and build-up for these places.
  • We will make sure all high places in your new construction look new.

o make your commercial building look like new, we will clean the place efficiently. We will take care of everything and take away all signs of construction.

  • Our team will clean all the surfaces.
  • Depending on the material of the surface and the mess at hand, we will provide a thorough cleaning.
  • We will start with vacuuming and sweeping the whole place.
  • Then, we will start mopping and make sure every space shines its best.
  • When we leave, your new construction will look brand new.

If there is one thing that we are best at, it is our attention to detail. Nothing can pass our meticulous sight or our tidying hand. This includes giving the door frames, baseboards and blinds a good cleaning.

  • With all the traffic coming in the building, the doors catch many stains.
  • From handprints to paint smudges, there is a lot to clean.
  • Baseboards catch all the dirt and debris. It takes seconds to deposit.
  • At the same time, baseboards are hard to clean. We will make sure that the baseboards are perfect post-construction.
  • We will also clean the blinds in the house, and make sure they are spotless.
  • You contact us for a free quote. We will ask some questions and give an estimate.
  • Once you hire us, we will make a plan. It depends on the services that you choose. You can choose individual services or ask for a thorough post-construction cleaning.
  • We arrive on schedule and bring the tools and cleaning supplies with us.
  • We inspect the place and start cleaning as required.
  • When our job is done, we will leave the place spotless.